Ingenico has a completely new range of payment terminals


The Mobility range frees customers and merchants from time and space constraints by transforming any location into a point of sale. Our Mobility devices connect to iOS, Android or Windows based tablets or smartphones via Bluetooth.

Retail PIN pads

PIN Pad terminals intended for traditional sales segments, including volume retail and restaurant chains. They enable retailers to accept payment transactions that require a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Banking PIN Pads

The iPP200 series PIN Pad is easily connected to cash registers and collection systems. The devices accept contactless payment and provide additional privacy and security at the PIN entry stage.
Our PIN Pads also manage a wide range of EMV smart cards, magnetic cards and loyalty and pre-payment schemes, thus helping to generate more revenue for the merchant.


Powerful and feature-rich, Ingenico Countertops provide multiple-connectivity (traditional telephone modem, new generation IP, wireless, GPRS or Wi-Fi) to ensure a constant service.


Wireless provides retailers with a competitive solution that meets their operational constraints. Anti-shock Wireless terminals are perfectly adapted to payment in bars, restaurants, stadiums or for deliveries.

Self Services

The Unattended range is designed to meet the needs of self-service and 24 hour vending. Intuitive and easy-to use, Unattended is suitable for all self-service segments including Retail, Hospitality, Petrol, Vending and Transportation.

Signature Capture

Signature Capture terminals are payment terminals equipped with a tactile colour screen. Robust and intuitive, signature capture terminals are intended for network businesses and volume retail markets.