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Canvas Holidays

Canvas Holidays sets up camps across Europe with Ingenico

Key Benefits

  • Simple, secure online payment processing
  • A strong local presence and consultative approach in key markets across Europe
  • Localised language and currency offerings
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Dedicated account management

David Haig, Canvas Holidays

Our confidence in Ingenico’s localisation capabilities means we have no problem moving into new international markets as and when we think that they are viable. Our sights are now set on customers across the whole of Northern Europe."

The Challenge

Europe is one of the most visited regions on earth, welcoming more than 620 million tourists a year from across the world. Yet, European holidaymakers still play a major role in driving forwards the continent’s booming tourism industry.

For more than 50 years, Canvas Holidays has been providing families with action-packed camping and adventure holidays in destinations across Southern Europe. Customers already travel from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Holland and Belgium, but Canvas wanted to expand into new geographical markets, taking direct payments from customers in whichever way they prefer.

Canvas identified Ingenico as the partner most capable of navigating local market nuances and providing localised payment options, tailored to varying payment cultures.

Customers who are not offered a familiar, secure checkout, in their own currency and language, are likely to become frustrated and abandon the transaction. 25% of dropouts occur due to payment friction and Canvas saw localised payments as critical to building relationships and boosting conversion across its target markets in Northern Europe.

Initially, Canvas was inhibited by a split reservation system between Northern Europe and the UK and Ireland. The two systems – old and new – operated with a parallel set of payment gateway IDs, causing irregularities and inconsistencies.

Although the new reservation platform was making steady progress, Canvas hadn’t anticipated how long it would be using the old reservation system. Ingenico was identified as the perfect umbrella provider that could localise Canvas’ payments to international markets and work successfully with both reservation systems.

Partnering with Ingenico

With its consultative approach and dedicated account management, Ingenico guided Canvas through each stage of its international development, deploying a custom-built solution that would maximise conversion in Canvas’ target markets. Ingenico agreed to handle all end-to-end payment processing, from collection through to the acquirer phase including Visa, Mastercard, iDeal and Sofort. The integration process was smooth and the platform was launched in early 2016.

Payment localisation

Ingenico’s localisation team laid out a detailed payment strategy in each of Canvas’ target markets. Across Europe, Canvas’ customers can now pay in virtually any way they want, a huge benefit for the company as customer preferences vary significantly across the continent. Bank transfers, for example are essential in Holland and Germany but Canvas also need to offer Sofort and iDeal which are more popular than credit cards. UK however, cards continue to dominate.

Since integration, Canvas’ customers have been overwhelmingly happy with using the payment options on offer. In Holland, more people are now using the gateway than ever before and payments through iDeal have far outstripped bank transfers. This means that Canvas receives immediate payment, rather than having it deferred via the bank. In Germany and Belgium, Sofort and Mister Cash have also proved to be popular ways for Canvas customers to pay.

Recurring payments were also critical in Canvas’ choice of Ingenico. Canvas needed a flexible way for customers to pay on a monthly basis and Ingenico was able to implement an effective system that allowed customers to spread out the cost of the holiday.

Canvas has also seen a significant shift from traditional desktop shopping to mobile and tablets over the past four years. Ingenico was able to provide full mobile optimisation, allowing Canvas to grow via this hugely important new channel.

Reporting, tracking and growing

The back-office interface proved to be far quicker than anything Canvas had experienced before. Previously, the business only received monthly cost updates, meaning funds were deducted on a rolling basis, with no clarity on why costs had been applied. 

Reporting with ePayments is far clearer with much greater transparency. Canvas can see exactly what it’s paying for on a daily basis, covering every transaction and the cost associated with that transaction.

David Haig, Canvas Holidays

Having worked with a number of PSPs over my career, I found the Ingenico point-of-contact to be more responsive and the technology to be more consistent than anything I’ve ever experienced before,” explains David Haig from Canvas Holidays. “We can always rely on it to be working with very little input or maintenance from our end. Better reporting has also given us greater insight into our customers’ behaviour and preferences. We feel we know them better!”

Michiel Schrama, Head of Sales UK, Ingenico

Through effective localisation, Canvas offers a payment experience that inspires trust and eliminates the friction caused by working out a new payment system, calculating an exchange rate or translating a foreign language. Canvas is a much-loved family brand and we look forward to helping grow its popularity across the continent.”

Using its consistent, umbrella platform and localised payment offerings, Canvas now looks forward to fulfilling its expansion aspirations in Northern Europe. Across European and global markets, payment cultures vary hugely, but through effective localisation, Canvas can offer customers a payment experience that inspires trust and eliminates friction. The result is a website that turns more traffic into sales and boosts Canvas’ business growth in new international markets.

Canvas Holidays offers high quality family camping holidays across eight European countries including France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Austria. Canvas Holidays provides quality self-catering accommodation to suit all party sizes and budgets.

Canvas Holidays was the first tour operator to offer package mobile home and camping holidays to Europe when it launched in 1965 and today is one of the UK’s leading camping and outdoor-living tour operators. 

Jointly owned by the Permira Group and Promeo Group, Vacalians Group is the European leader in providing outdoor accommodation. Through its Tohapi brand, the group owns 44 campsites in France and operates in more than 23,500 locations including nearly 17,500 mobile homes across France and Europe.

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