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Ingenico deploys its secure omnichannel payment acceptance solution throughout Carrefour's network.

Carrefour Group chose Ingenico for its secure and nexo-certified payment acceptance solution, which will consolidate all of Carrefour’s in-store and online transactions.

The successful initial pre-deployment phase which started in 2015 has confirmed the new solution’s ability to manage the traffic of over one million daily transactions. Carrefour has entrusted Ingenico Group with operating a secure, omnichannel, centralized and SEPA-certified payment acceptance solution across all its stores in France and Spain.

Ingenico Group will provide Carrefour Group with a flexible PCI DSS-compliant solution designed for fast time-to-market deployments combining:

  • the Lane/5000, the new smart terminal from the Telium Tetra range, dedicated to retailers, PCI PTS 4.x certified and embedding HTML5 technology to deploy interactive services at the point of sale,
  • Ingenico’s centralized in-store payment solution, secured with certified Point-to-Point encryption (P2PE) and fully compliant with the latest nexo standards, 
  • Ingenico’s online payment services, with the appropriate local payment methods and fraud management capabilities.

Jacques Behr, EVP Europe & Africa, Ingenico Group said

Carrefour is the first retailer to deploy a nexo payment solution on such a large scale, Europe-wide. We are pleased that they have selected us to drive their strategic move towards cross-border and multi-channel acquiring solutions across Europe. This partnership is a great example of our ability to leverage our deep geographical coverage as well as our in-store and online payment networks for the benefit of merchants.