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Parking Solutions

Behind every city trip.
Payment solutions to speed up and streamline your parking operations


Facilitate commerce for merchants in store and on the move

Vending Solution

Accelerating self-service performance

The vending distribution channel is growing substantially, in a market reinventing itself to support the retail revolution.
Self-service is used in a wide range of sectors, from snacking to the sale of cosmetics or electronic products, and represents a key point of interaction in the customer experience.

Video: Discover AXIUM, the Next-Generation POS Platform

Are you ready for the interactive shopping revolution?

Discover how the combination of the robot Pepper and Ingenico solutions offers customers a seamless experience throughout the entire purchasing journey. This perfect blend of innovation & fintech technology includes customer identification via cards or facial recognition, NFC payment acceptance, cross-selling and many other amazing features.

Petrol Solutions

Payment systems for indoor, outdoor and self-service integration at forecourt