Ingenico's payment predictions for 2020

Tis the season to be knowledgeable!

With almost 40 years in the industry, our payments knowledge at Ingenico is unparalleled, 365 days of the year. What better way then to kick off the holiday season than to future gaze into 2020? 

For the first 12 working days of December, we will be sharing Ingenico B&A’s 2020 payments industry predictions on our website. Each day a new video will be uploaded featuring an in-house festive forecaster, who will reveal one of our 12 predictions. 

The videos will also be published on the expert’s Linkedin page each day, so be sure to connect with them (if you aren’t already) and spread Ingenico B&A’s predictions cheer with your own network too!

Go forth and enjoy a New Year prediction from us. Season’s greetings to all!

Closing remarks by Adam Roberts, Head of Marketing Communications

Fraudsters innovate too

Monday 2nd December

A new sophisticated form of fraud, called authorisation push payment, rose 40% in the first half of  2019 costing the UK £616million. What measures will the banks take to protect their customer's in 2020?

Digital payment rewards

Tuesday 3rd December

With innovative payment terminals on the rise, such as Android, customers will expect more personalised offers – which organisations are now able to deliver?

More data, more powerful AI

Wednesday 4th December

We often think of AI from a fraud perspective. More data, and powerful AI means that fraud prevention will get smarter in 2020. But did you also know that in the background of this, AI fundamentally impacts the payment ecosystem and in turn the digital transformation of economies? 

New smart city payment options

Thursday 5th December

Cities in 2020 will increasingly implement new smart city payment options, and to do that they will need to join forces with the right partners and platforms, to counteract the new challenges they might bring...


Smarter payment suggestions

Friday 6th December

Amazon is leading the charge when it comes to data driven marketing and smarter, more personalised purchase suggestions. But what can other retailers learn from them?

Generation X demand payment security

Monday 9th December

There’s been a big focus on millennials and generation Z in recent years as they seek and demand new ways to pay.  2020 might start to see a cultural crash among the demographics with gen X craving enhanced trust from their banking provider while younger consumers concentrate on choice and friction reduction.


The rise of social commerce

Tuesday 10th December

The line between social media and e-commerce is increasingly becoming blurred, amplified by the sheer amount of time we're all spending on social media apps What once consisted of static online brand websites is becoming a much more fluid ecosystem defined by multiple threads of content mediums.

Digital ID becomes King

Wednesday 11th December

At its core, identity verification has always underpinned all financial services in order to protect users and meet compliance demands. Digital ID will introduce new identity checks which could become an integral part of everything from banking and internet shopping to social media.

Relentless collaborations

Thursday 12th December

Fintech continues to be the buzzword in our industry, relating to the rapidly evolving technology that is fast revolutionising the industry. And undoubtedly the technology is doing just that, but in order to keep innovating within the industry we can’t rely on technology alone...


Make payment with cars

Friday 13th December

The touch of the Internet of Things is making devices smart. The technology has the potential to disrupt the FinTech industry and its incorporation in the finance industry is making the sector tech-savvy. For many years now, we’ve heard about fridges that consumers can make payments on, but what’s next? 


Bank and card payments converge

Monday 16th December

The ability to have a card or bank account payment near real time starts to blur the opportunity for how a consumer may wish to pay at the point of sale. Could we see the choice offered to pay by real time payment rather than by card; will we start to see this in 2020 as a service at point of sale?


Invisible payments

Tuesday 17th December

Invisible payments are dominating the payments industry with the likes of payments rings, uber and Amazon Go. Across all sectors in 2020, businesses need to keep up with convenience-led lifestyles, placing it at the heart of product design within financial services.