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The last mile of conversion

Our goal is to optimize the entire payment flow without adding any additional complexity for you. By helping you with the ‘last mile of conversion’, we at Ingenico work to significantly improve your customer conversion rates. Next to intuitive and responsive payment pages, a wide range of local payment methods and currencies, Ingenico helps you build loyalty by providing smart tokenization solutions.

Your shop is always open

Did you know that on average, one in six transactions is not completed because of various flaws in the payment process? That is why we have made it our priority to secure leading acceptance rates and provide you with the most stable platform on the market.

We ensure this by having 3 fully independent data centers, a platform operations team that monitors the system 24/7 and an analytics team dedicated to tracking and improving acceptance rates.

Quick and easy integration

Development time is scarce and expensive. However an optimized shopper experience is central for converting visitors into paying customers. Ingenico offers a range of different fast, flexible & secure integration option. Whether you are looking for a secured plug & play payment page, an in-app payment module or a API based solution that can be tailor-made to your in-house system, Ingenico’s technology lets you, in a cost effective way, design the user experience that best fits your business.

Responsive payment pages

At Ingenico, we know that online payments are constantly changing. From new payment methods, to authentication options, to the devices they use for their payments.

As payments are increasingly processed on tablets, phones and other mobile devices, we know that payment pages with a mobile optimized look and feel are critical to optimal conversion.

Our new responsive payment pages offer you and your customers a customizable payment process that automatically responds to the device your customers are using.

You are already a customer, but need assistance?

Ingenico support team is here to help. Learn more about popular topics and find resources that will help you with your Ingenico ePayments setup.
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