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Elevate is a Business Intelligence solution for payments and chargebacks, specifically built for international eCommerce companies.

From data to intelligence

Elevate translates raw payment data into interactive and easy-to-read dashboards that let you quickly identify and act on payment problems and opportunities, and benchmark your performance against your industry peers.

Elevate: how it works

1. Organize

Forget complicated spreadsheets and pivot tables. Elevate imports, structures and visualizes your raw payment data in easy to read dashboards that are organized around 9 key performance areas (see other side). Elevate is browser-based and can be accessed from almost any internet-connected device.

2. Interact

With more than 40 dashboards, Elevate lets you quickly and easily assess key performance metrics such as your authorization rates, chargeback rates, refund rates, ATV, rejection reasons, drop-off rates and many more. By interacting with the dashboards, you can get even more granular and filter these results by country, by payment product or currency, by account, or over time.

3. Act

We have designed Elevate to answer real business questions and support or validate growth strategy. By helping you understand your performance against your targets and relative to your industry peers, Elevate removes the guess work from your strategy and provides you with the hard data to make decisions.

Benefits to your business

Get a comprehensive daily overview of your payment performance

Elevate is refreshed daily with the latest payment data, so you can actively manage your transaction flow instead of having to wait for periodic reports.

Zoom in and filter data to identify issues and opportunities

With more than 40 dashboards and many filtering options, you can drill down to a very detailed level to unveil the insights you need to take the right strategic decisions to reduce costs or grow your business. The dashboards are designed with help from leading industry experts on data visualization and are built to quickly answer your business question but also to reveal new opportunities for you, through data visualization.

Benchmark against your industry peers

Knowing how you perform is great, but knowing how you perform relative to your peers is really powerful. Elevate lets you benchmark yourself against the averages for your industry, or the top performers among your peers.

Key Insights

Your Performance
Provides a holistic view of your payments performance across the most relevant metrics such as country and payment products

Commercial Insights
Provides insights into consumer payment behavior; helps answer questions around conversion pipeline and drop-offs

Authorization Rates
Analyze your authorization rate for any payment product by looking at outliers in your rate, and analyze your rejection reasons to understand what determines that percentage.

Payment Funnel
An overview of what happens during the different payment stages a transaction goes through. This helps you analyze where your bottlenecks are, and in which stage, in which country and / or for which payment products

Chargeback Insights
Reduce and prevent fraud through careful analysis of your chargebacks, including behavioral patterns and the chargeback reasons

Provides insights into refund behavior, such as understand which countries or payment products show high or low refund rates. Helps understand customer satisfaction Disputes Helps understand which chargebacks to challenge, and which chargebacks to accept, to make your dispute process as effective as possible Benchmarks Compare your performance relative to your industry averages and the top and bottom performers in your peer group Market Information Shows aggregate information about markets you’re not active in based on data from other merchants. Helps to identify and quantify opportunities for growth.

Financial flows

Inspired and guided by merchants

Elevate was conceived in response to the unique need for insights expressed by Ingenico ePayments clients, and developed in close cooperation with our Global Customer Advisory Board (GCAB), which includes many leading international eCommerce companies.

The GCAB is our finger on the pulse of the eCommerce industry. GCAB members convene annually to exchange knowledge, best practices and joint opportunities, to discuss their challenges and requirements with Ingenico ePayments’ senior leadership, and to be informed of and influence our product roadmap.

The feedback we receive from GCAB members contributes significantly to joint development and extension of services. Elevate was conceived during one of these GCAB meetings, in response to the need for more insight into payments expressed by GCAB members, and their input continues to drive the development of new dashboards.