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POS payment solutions

Today’s consumers are constantly connected, more discerning and eager to save time. They expect efficiency from merchants at every stage of their journey and the flexibility to purchase anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Ingenico has led the payment terminal industry for 40 years. We offer the widest range of smart terminals, which combine cutting-edge technologies with the highest security requirements and can be paired with POS management services. Compliant with all local regulations, they enable all cashless payment methods and cater for any industry.

Answer all payment needs and meet the most demanding use cases

Our smart terminals and payment modules cover all points of transactions, be they unattended, multilane, in-store, outdoor or mobile. They meet the latest security standards and support any cashless payment method. Their multimedia possibilities offer a rich consumer experience to many industries, including hospitality, retail, vending, banks & acquirers, petrol and transportation. 

Android Smart POS

Sleek design, intuitive interface, convenience and portability, Ingenico smart Android point of sale solutions help to increase customer loyalty, modernize business and turn every sale into an upsell. 

Our compact portable devices offer all the benefits of smartphone-like experience combined with secure payment solutions.  

These Android portable payment solutions deliver the extended coverage and flexibility needed to accept any payments anytime, anywhere with the multiple wireless connectivity options. 

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Desktop terminals

Designed for merchants to accept all payment means and the most innovative uses cases at the point of sales. Ingenico's Desktop terminals cover a variety of functionalities to offer unique consumer experiences at the counter. With limited footprints and high reliability, they can easily integrate and answer the most demanding needs for color display, touch interface or consumer engagement capabilities.

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Mobile Payment Solutions

The way we shop is changing; whether in-store, online or on mobile.

Retailers understand the importance of a great customer experience in being one of the key drivers to loyalty and increased sales for their business. With an innovative Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS) solution you can provide an assisted sale for your customers giving them an engaging and highly personalised shopping experience. Mobile can be a key business differentiator and also offers a variety of opportunities for organisations in the Hospitality and Transportation industries.

With over 35 years of payments industry experience, Ingenico is best placed to provide your organisation with a mobile payment solution that compliments your business' goals. 

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Portable and Wireless terminals

Pockect-sized portable terminals with the broadest connectivity capabilities to accept any payment methods on-the-go

Supporting GPRS, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, they can support anywhere.
With their compact design and their rich multimedia capabilities, Ingenico’s portable terminals are the best companion to support you in your business on the move, while opening the door to many new business  applications, beyond payment.

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Retail terminals

Designed for the most demanding retail environments whilst accelerating check-out and improve consumer engagement

Large color screens, touch capabilities, intuitive interfaces and a wide scope of payment acceptance means are making Ingenico’s Retail terminals the best solutions to improve the experience at the multilane checkout while facilitating the in-store integration.


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Involved in the self-service industry for over 30 years, Ingenico is the world leader with a full range of efficient and secure solutions to meet the requirements of all use cases in this continuously growing industry. 

Ingenico has therefore developed modular and flexible offers for verticals as varied as vending, retail, transport, parking, EV charging, petrol and many others. 

Ingenico’s unattended payment solutions include a wide range of dedicated terminals. They all meet the latest security and industry standards, allowing for easy integration of cashless payment acceptance in self-service kiosks. 

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Operating system

Secure in payment. Open to creativity with Telium TETRA

With 30 years of experience, Ingenico has developed a unique experience in designing best-in-class secured operating systems managing over 2500 payment applications.

For its latest generation of Telium TETRA payment terminals, Ingenico has designed a new Operating System, with a user-friendly interface, openness to the web standard and security at its core. This new future-proof Operating System embeds powerful and innovative security mechanisms to bridge secure payment with an open web-based environment. A new experience is within reach for developers, users and final consumers.

  • A proven OS for payment.
  • Designed for user experience. 
  • Best-in class security.
  • Open to worldwilde apps. 

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A new experience for developers, users & consumers

The Estate Manager

Tap into the full potential of your estate

Maximize the availability of payment offers at the point of sale, in full compliance with security standards

  • Maximize terminal uptime.
  • Accelerate time-to-market.
  • Fully control life cycle and maximize its usage. 
  • Manage all your Ingenico devices thanks to international standards.

The Estate Manager

  • Advanced remote maintenance
  • Optimize your maintenance decisions and better support your merchants
  • Terminal life cycle management
  • Maximize field-based terminal availability
  • Software & merchant provisioning
  • Streamline payment terminal deployment and control transaction risks at point of sale
  • Enhanced connectivity and security
  • Massively deploy security accross your estate in the most demanding communication environment

Payment applications

Access a world of payment methods at your fingertips

With its strong geographic coverage & its unique expertise, Ingenico can support all payment needs from standardized schemes, to the latest payment innovations and tailored solutions.

We can handle more than 300 methods of payment, above and beyond traditional credit and debit cards, including EMV standard, closed-loop payment networks, contactless or NFC technologies, e-wallets and QR code payment solutions.

The Telium TETRA suite has been designed to fully leverage Ingenico large applications’ portfolio and accelerate the deployment of new solutions.

  • Pick & choose from a unique payment applications portfolio.
  • Benefit from a strong geographic coverage with a presence in 125 countries & a unique expertise.
  • Accelerate the deployment of your solutions.

More than 300 methods of payment handled