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Blog articles and helpful resources from Ingenico

Ingenico has led the payment terminal industry for 40 years, focusing on innovation to ensure we, and our partners, stay ahead in the ever changing commerce landscape. Here we bring you some of our most recent resources and thought leadership articles:

A lockdown lifeline for local shops in Ireland

Much has been written about the realities facing retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The regular feed of headlines heralding the demise of established brands, both big and small, makes for grim reading.

But here in Ireland, a glimmer of hope has emerged as consumers seek solace in small, local businesses, run by people who live nearby. Indeed, as we continue to grapple with the impact of the pandemic, the experience of buying locally from a friendly face offers a small measure of reassuring normality that many of us will have missed.

  • Payment Services
  • United Kingdom
16 February 2021

Grow your pie, don't just cut it

A new year, a new challenge and a new opportunity. On which side of the coin will we fall? How will our outlook be framed with the first tentative steps into the new year setting our compass for the road ahead? Do we carry the baggage of 2020 with us, or have we shrugged our metaphorical shoulders, picked ourselves up after the holiday rest and put our best foot forward?

  • Customer Experience
  • United Kingdom
10 February 2021

A new twist on tap and go

Today, there are many alternative payment solutions available to the smaller retailer, including low cost PIN Pads integrated with a POS application on a tablet style product. These highly compact alternatives to traditional payment terminals are about to be revolutionised by what is broadly referred to as ‘PIN on mobile’. 

  • Tech Trends
  • United Kingdom
22 January 2021

The changing face of fraud in a pandemic

Payment fraud is a growing issue for merchants, issuers and acquirers. After a period of relative stability, thanks in part to the migration of EMV, a resurgence in activity is emerging.

  • Security & Fraud
  • United Kingdom
14 January 2021

Would a customer design a queue?

In our ‘always on’ world, much has been made of customer experience and the best way to deliver it. This is nowhere more so than in the world of payments and the means by which customers can seamlessly move from choice to gratification. Historically, the sales process has always been peppered with friction and in particular at the actual point of payment.

  • Customer Experience
  • United Kingdom
15 December 2020

Why value is the icing on top of the digital layer cake

I often find inspiration in many things, none more so than film. One particular favourite was 2004’s Layer Cake,* which sees Daniel Craig navigate his way through the murky underworld until he meets the mastermind behind the curtain, Mr Temple. In a poignant scene in a bonded warehouse, our mob boss explains to our protagonist the facts of life – which for professional reasons I can’t repeat.

However, it’s required viewing if only for the following quote: “The art of good business is being a good middleman”.

  • Payment Services
  • United Kingdom
04 December 2020