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Blog articles and helpful resources from Ingenico

Ingenico has led the payment terminal industry for 40 years, focusing on innovation to ensure we, and our partners, stay ahead in the ever changing commerce landscape. Here we bring you some of our most recent resources and thought leadership articles:

The ‘Quiet’ Rise of the API

How can ecosystems in payment technology surface the power and value found in the use of APIs to enrich the merchant offer and customer experience? From enabling alternative payment systems driven by QR codes to digital receipting that reduces environmental waste, joined up services driven by APIs are everywhere.

  • Tech Trends
  • United Kingdom
06 July 2021

Is the Generalist COTS a challenger to the Specialist Payment Terminal?

New technologies usually crush existing ones; the metal tool supplanted the stone axe, the video tape fell to the DVD, then Blu-Ray and now streaming services. Does the use of COTS devices for payment ring the imminent death knell for the dedicated payment terminal?

  • Tech Trends
  • United Kingdom
23 June 2021

From Cloud Services to Pizza-as-a-Service

Not so long-ago, companies relied on servers and systems that resided in their own premises. If more capacity was needed a new server would need to be spun up, a task that could take weeks and would then need to be maintained, kept up to date via patches and capable of scaling as the company grew over the following years. This was a complex and costly exercise, one that would frighten the hardiest of IT managers. 

  • Payment Services
  • United Kingdom
08 June 2021

Take time, think big, deliver exceptional outcomes

Putting aside the challenge presented by COVID for a few minutes, the pace at which we normally run to deliver on the ambitions of our businesses has never been faster. With each passing year, whenever we take a pause and draw breath, we pinch ourselves and reflect on the fact that we can't maintain this pace and that there is no more gas in the tank to give.

  • Customer Experience
  • United Kingdom
12 April 2021

Android – the Fittest Kid on the Block?

The past 18 months have marked a clear shift in the market’s appetite for Android payment devices. Having been in the market for a few years now, the level of demand for Android and the drive to adopt was light. However, the tide has changed, the market has clearly spoken, and Android is on the rise.

  • Tech Trends
25 March 2021

A lockdown lifeline for local shops in Ireland

Much has been written about the realities facing retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The regular feed of headlines heralding the demise of established brands, both big and small, makes for grim reading.

But here in Ireland, a glimmer of hope has emerged as consumers seek solace in small, local businesses, run by people who live nearby. Indeed, as we continue to grapple with the impact of the pandemic, the experience of buying locally from a friendly face offers a small measure of reassuring normality that many of us will have missed.

  • Payment Services
  • United Kingdom
16 February 2021