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Blog articles and helpful resources from Ingenico

Ingenico has led the payment terminal industry for 40 years, focusing on innovation to ensure we, and our partners, stay ahead in the ever changing commerce landscape. Here we bring you some of our most recent resources and thought leadership articles:

To DCC, or not to DCC, that is not the question

A casual search for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC, or sometimes Cardholder Preferred Currency, CPC) online will turn up a multitude of articles explaining: what it is, the pros and cons as a cardholder, how your choice of card issuer influences what you may pay, why you should use it as a merchant and some nefarious practices around overriding cardholder choice.

  • Payment Services
  • United Kingdom
05 November 2020

The Certainties of Life

In his 1789 letter to Jean Baptiste Leroy, Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of the Unites States declared that in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes. Well, he was close but sadly no cigar for this one anymore. The one he missed, which to be fair was clearly around in his time, is payments.

  • Tech Trends
  • United Kingdom
02 November 2020

Payments in a pandemic – the impact of COVID-19 (and what the future may bring)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all areas of society. The virulent nature of the disease has led to many changes in our daily lives and the payments industry has not been immune to the need for transformation.

  • Tech Trends
  • United Kingdom
06 October 2020

Silver lining in the COVID-19 cloud

It is hard to dismiss the challenges thrown up by the coronavirus pandemic over the last few months, but if you look hard enough, every trial has a silver lining somewhere. For pretty much all markets and, in particular, for the payments industry, the old adage of necessity being the mother of invention has never been truer.

  • Tech Trends
  • United Kingdom
13 July 2020

Will COVID-19 accelerate the demise of cash?

Every year someone, somewhere, trots out the story that cash is dead and electronic payments - be they card, digital or mobile - are the new king. Every year though, cash holds on, declining but fading slowly. A stubborn remnant from a different age but nevertheless a vital payment medium that is still relevant for an economy that is yet to go all-in digital.

  • Tech Trends
  • United Kingdom
25 May 2020