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Telium TETRA

Telium TETRA / seamless integration between business & payment

The Telium TETRA global offer allows value-added services to be seamlessly deployed in the payment value chain.

It creates a breakthrough in the way payment service providers can operate their fleet and finally handle legacy payment activities while transitioning to the digital age. This makes it a unique ecosystem and a perfect opportunity for the payment industry to enhance the consumer experience.


Secure in Payment. Open to creativity

Telium TETRA Operating System combines our expertise in secure payment and the agility of the web.

  • A proven OS for payment
  • Designed for user experience
  • Best-in-class security
  • Open to worldwide apps

Payment terminals

Meet the most demanding use cases

The new range of terminals provides a consumer-friendly experience wherever you transact 

  • Leverage Telium payment application catalog
  • Compliant with the highest security requirements
  • Fully-featured for consumer experience
  • Designed for new payment methods  

Payment applications

Access a world of payment methods at your fingertips

Provide a unique catalog of 2,500+ payment applications in 170+ countries.


Whatever the country, we provide the right methods to drive new sales opportunities.

The Estate Manager

Tap into the full potential of your estate

Maximize the availability of acceptance services at the point of sale, in full compliance with security standards.


  • Maximize terminal uptime to perform transactions at merchant locations
  • Accelerate the time-to-market of your payment solution at the point of sale
  • Keep your estate at your fingertips to fully control terminal lifecycle and maximize usage
  • Manage all your Ingenico devices thanks to international standards